Sex Toy Testimony at NXIVM Trial Raises Questions About Kink and Consent

Rolling Stone

The discussion of consent following Welch’s testimony is a recurring theme in the trial of Raniere, who is facing seven criminal charges including racketeering, extortion, forced labor, and sex trafficking. Earlier in the trial, “Sylvie” testified that Raniere and a “slave” named Monica Duran, coerced her into having oral sex with him and supplying him with nude photos against her will by threatening to release her “collateral” — in her case, explicit nude photos and embarrassing documents — if she did not. In the BDSM community, which emphasizes the importance of informed consent, the use of collateral is widely discouraged, with one BDSM educator telling Vice last year that “there should never be something hanging over your head, where you have to do something — or else. That totally violates free will and consent.”

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