NCSF's Race Bannon Advocacy Award is Presented to Gayle S. Rubin

By Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD

This year, NCSF awarded the Race Bannon Advocacy Award to author and leather activist Gayle S. Rubin. She elected to be awarded from the stage at Up Your Alley Faire on July 28 on Folsom Street. I introduced and Race made the presentation as the music muted and the dancers stopped gyrating for five minutes!

Gayle was awarded for her long history of effective advocacy, including her scene and academic writing, her role in founding Samois, the first Lesbian Leather organization, her service to kink as an historian, including her work on the board of the National Leather Archives and Museum, and work on the Leather Historical District in San Francisco. Thanks Gayle! This is a small recognition for a collassal contribution!

19 08 20

(The video that follows is about 5 minutes and is NSFW in most workplaces)

Source: ncsf

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