Best of Our Blogs: August 31, 2018

What do you when you come to a fork in the road and you’re not sure what to do next?

You created a pros and cons list, sought advice from friends and family, but you’re no closer to knowing what to do next.

I often think that when we don’t have an answer, we don’t have enough information yet. You might need to spend more time in the unknown, do more research or go somewhere quiet to reflect.

This week’s post may help you make that decision by reading about a common issue-unhealthy relationships.

5 Unhealthy Relationship Patterns Childhood Trauma Sets for Us
(Psychology of Self) – There’s a surprising connection between your behavior and relationship problems.

Toxic Behaviors: 12 Examples of Unhealthy Boundaries
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – He or she drives you crazy. It’s likely they’re pushing your boundaries by doing this.

Four Reasons You Wake Up with a Bad Attitude
(NLP Discoveries) – Wake up on the wrong side of your bed? There could be biological reasons causing your grumpy mood.

Put Your Camera Away! 6 Things to Consider Before You Take Any More Pictures
(Sorting Out Your Life) – See what you’re in danger of when you snap that photo.

How to Reclaim Your Self-Confidence in Codependent Relationships
(Happily Imperfect) – It’s the self-care that’s needed when your worth is dependent on someone else. Read how you can finally begin to release yourself from the chains of codependency.

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