Best of Our Blogs: August 3, 2018

One thing that illness and having children has taught me is the importance of letting go.

There’s letting go of control and perfection. There’s the surrendering of expectations. And there is letting go of the way things used to be.

There is surprising joy and freedom in accepting the moment as it is. It takes so much energy to resist what you’re given and can rob you of an unexpected gift.

This week as you read our top posts on narcissists, what keeps your relationship stuck, why trauma is so difficult to recover from, and whether to change or practice self-acceptance, keep this in mind.

When encountering an obstacle you didn’t plan for, try to loosen the reigns of control, and let things be. Staying open will allow possibility, hope and change to flow into your life.

Why Your Relationship May Be Stuck in a Frustrating Tit-for-Tat Pattern
(Love Matters) – You keep fighting about the same things. Here’s how to tell if you’re inability to resolve your issues stem from a deep wound.

What Is Trauma? 9 Things We Fail To Understand
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) – If you’re struggling with recovering from trauma and wonder why it’s so difficult to heal, this will explain why it’s so complicated.

How Narcissists Play the Victim and Twist the Story
(Psychology of Self) – These behaviors make being around a narcissist intolerable.

11 Things NOT To Do With Narcissists
(Narcissism Decoded) – Here are the things to remember not to do when interacting with a narcissist.

When to Practice Acceptance: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself
(Mindful Mastery) – Do you need to change or accept yourself? Answer these questions to find out.

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