Get your Mental Health CEUs this Year at FPE!

Do you want to earn them in a fun and educational environment? With the popularity of movies like 50 Shades of Grey as well as the various adult-centered products available, do you know how to effectively work with your clients?

Florida Power Exchange is excited to announce that they have teamed up with Dr. Harmony and the International Academy of Collaborative counseling and Coaching Education ( to give you just that!
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Meet the Minnesotans finding love through polyamory

City Paper

“It’s not a fear of commitment. It’s commitment, plus one,” she says. “Jim and I spent 20 years together monogamously and this is not a plug to fill a problem. This is something that the parts are greater than the whole and it would be sad to not take advantage of this opportunity for everybody’s life to be fuller, richer, better.”

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Our Reasons For Cheating Depend On Our Personality, Gender, and Attachment Style

A recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research identified eight
distinct motivations people can have for cheating (read all about those
motives here). Beyond simply demonstrating the factors that motivate
cheating, however, this study also examined how our personality, gender,
and attachment style are linked to our reasons for committing infidelity.
Here’s a quick review of the key findings.
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Osci by Lovense Giveaway from American Sex Podcast & Castle Megastore

On American Sex podcast we give away new sex toys and accessories every single month. For the March 2018 giveaway, Ken & I are giving away an Osci by Lovense smartphone app-controlled g-spot stimulator valued at $199 provided by our sponsor, Castle Megastore. Like the other Lovense toys in their Programmables line, it can be controlled via remote from anywhere […]

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How Do Monogamous And Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationships Compare? (Video)

Studies have found that people overwhelmingly rate monogamous relationships
as superior to consensually non-monogamous relationships on virtually every
dimension you can think of [1]. For example, monogamy is seen as promoting
better relationship quality in terms of enhancing intimacy, safety,
honesty, and communication. Even on qualities that have nothing to do with
relationship functioning, such as paying taxes on time and taking a daily
multi-vitamin, monogamy is seen as better for promoting them. Do people’s
perceptions match up with reality, though? Are people in monogamous
relationships necessarily much better off?
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Guest Blog: The Open Photo Project – An Artist Statement from Photographer Erika Kapin

Gloria was in the closet about being polyamorous for years. What it took for her to come out was being diagnosed with breast cancer. Upon diagnosis, she realized how short life is and that she wanted to be out and proud in all her identities. However, she still keeps her polyamorous identity hidden from her sister in order to avoid condemnation from her family or origin. Rose, Josh and Xtina are in a committed relationship, share a home and raise their young child together. They have worries about legal rights for all three parents and protections for their child. They hope the state will eventually acknowledge their three-parent household. Ignacio Rivera raised a daughter to adulthood as a non-monogamous single parent. When Ignacio’s daughter was very young, they were living on welfare and Ignacio faced intense stigma, judgment and slut shaming for being a single mother who is also polyamorous. Aida has several romantic partners and works as a therapist helping others with similar identities. Most of Aida’s family are very religious would not approve of non-monogamy, so Aida often introduces partners as ‘good friends’ for fear of family non-acceptance and retaliation. Chrissy avoids socializing with her children’s friend’s parents because in her conservative neighborhood, she fears if other parents discover she and her husband are polyamorous, they will be stigmatized.

TheOpenPhotoProject MichaelAndSarah 2016 08 03 MG 1250 2

Consensual non-monogamy is typically defined as the state of being sexually or romantically involved with more than one person simultaneously, with the full awareness and consent of those involved. Many relationship identities exist under the consensual non-monogamy umbrella including polyamory, relationship anarchy, swinging, open relationships, poly-fidelity and more.

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Adults who love outside of the monogamous ideal often face negative repercussions. Non-monogamous people can face discrimination from mainstream society, employers, and landlords. Many become ostracized from their family of origin and experience lack of legal protection around issues of child custody. Polyamorous people have been fired from their jobs because, while there are legal protections against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, being polyamorous is not legally defined as a sexual orientation and therefore does not receive the same legal protection. Because of the threat of social, familial and legal ramifications, many people in these relationships are forced to remain closeted and present socially as monogamous.

TheOpenPHotoProject 2015 MG 9127

By combining photographs of non-monogamous people in their daily lives with their own words about relationships, The Open Photo Project challenges the mainstream social ideals that enforce a compulsory understanding of monogamy as the only ethical relationship style. The stories in this project strive to de-stigmatize consensually non-monogamous relationships by bringing awareness and cultivating empathy.

TheOpenPhotoProject ChrisAndZ 2015 03 28 MG 2093

By photographing non-monogamous people in a variety of their everyday activities, I seek to present them as the complex, multi-dimensional human beings that they are. Whether cooking a meal, on the way to work, or naked with a partner, these images reveal the complex lives of these people and their choices. A combination of portraits, daily life activities and text excerpts from conversations will show an in-depth look into their lives and relationship choices.

TheOpenPhotoProject KevinAntoinetteRebeccaCira 2017 09 MG 0969

My goal is to confront the broad misconceptions that exist in the mainstream social landscape where monogamy is the default relationship style (and the only one universally considered ethical). In addressing people who believe that monogamy is the only acceptable relationship model to cultivate healthy romantic love, I wish to introduce them to the beautiful, complex and fulfilling lives that are possible among non-monogamous people.

TheOpenPhotoProject LolaAndThreePiece 2017 09 MG 1075web

This project offers a look at the uniqueness of human relationships and an invitation to re-examine preconceived notions of successful, sustainable, and healthy romantic love.

TheOpenPhotoProject RoseMegan 2017 04 30 MG 0222

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From Friends With Benefits To Threesomes, How Single Americans Feel About Sex (Infographic)

How many single adults in the United States have had a friends with
benefits relationship? How many are open to the idea of having a threesome?
And what do they think the characteristics of both good and bad sex are?
For a look at the answers to these questions, check out the infographic
below, which reviews selected results from’s eighth annual
Singles in America survey. This survey featured a large, demographically
representative sample of single people living in the US who were surveyed
about their sexual attitudes. 
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Kevin Patterson: Love’s Not Color Blind – American Sex Podcast Ep 30

Kevin Patterson talks about his new book Love’s Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities. We delve into how to figure out what you don’t know, being more inclusive in your community, balancing masculinity and non-monogamy, how the political climate has changed social interaction, light-skinned privilege, forced ambassadorship, those damn […]

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