Checklists, Safe Words, and Interrupted Orgasms: How Directors Are Navigating Consent During 'Rough' Porn Shoots


While acting as an on-set advocate for Wasteland, Rowntree once canceled a scene when a female performer seemed to be in pain while performing with a particularly well-endowed male performer. “She held her breath and closed her eyes and did a hiccup kind of thing,” she said. “I stopped it right away and I said, ‘You don’t need to do this.’ She said, ‘No, no, no, I really want to do this.’” Ultimately, though, Rowntree felt that the performer was in too much discomfort and brought things to a halt. That is in part because she knows that performers can feel pressure not to speak up. “I think that they’re scared that they’re not going to be asked back, that they will get a reputation that they don’t follow through,” she says.

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Seeking Participants For Sex Studies!

If you’re reading this, odds are that you love learning about the latest
sex research. But really, who doesn’t? Have you ever wanted to go beyond
reading about it, though, perhaps by taking part in an actual sex study (or
two)? If so, check out the Sex Studies page, which is updated regularly
with calls for participation from sex scientists across the globe. Ten
studies have already been added since the beginning of this year alone!
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A Sex Therapist On Overcoming Male Sexual Performance Anxiety (Video)

One of the most popular stereotypes of male sexuality is that men want sex
all of the time because they’re just “wired” that way. In other words, sex
is seen as a largely biological function for men, with their emotional and
psychological states having little to do with it. This stereotype can be
harmful because it can make a guy start to wonder what’s wrong with him
when he doesn’t want sex but his partner does–and to the extent that this
becomes a chronic source of concern, it can create performance anxiety and
detract from his ability to become and stay aroused in the future. This is
but one of the many reasons why it’s important for us to rethink our
assumptions about male sexuality.
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‘I’m In A Polyamorous Relationship—Here’s How It Works’

Women’s Health

For Nico and I, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. I feel safe in our relationship. In monogamy, there’s often this fear of “But what if they leave me?” With polyamory, that fear is gone because no one needs to cheat or lie, and we’ve built this place of trust where we can really talk about what’s working and what’s not working. And that feels like a better place for me. Being poly allows us to be authentic and explore what makes us happy in our lives in a way I didn’t feel like I could in monogamous relationships.

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Alice Little – Top Earning Sex Worker & Favorite at The Bunny Ranch – Ep 33 American Sex Podcast

Alice Little lets us be a fly on the wall behind closed doors at the infamous Moonlight Bunny Ranch.  She was named the #1 Companion of the Year and tells us about her work with adult virgins, couples eager to explore, BDSM, misconceptions & realities of sex work, plus her advocacy work including the organization […]

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NCSF Celebrated its 21st Anniversary in Atlanta!

At NCSF’s Annual Meeting on March 9th in Atlanta, GA, the Coalition Partners elected the Board Members and discussed new and ongoing projects, like Consent Counts which aims to decriminalize sexual conduct between consenting adults.

NCSF was fortunate to have Aida Manduley, MSW, provide a 3-hour diversity training on Sunday for the Board and Staff so we can continue the process of ensuring NCSF is a welcoming and accessible organization for everyone. We’re looking forward to our next training!

NCSF would like to thank LLC for donating the room for NCSF’s Annual Meeting prior to the Leather Leadership Conference. NCSF would also like to thank our Coalition Partner, 1st Capital Finance and NCSF Southeastern Advocates, the House of Trei, for providing a delicious lunch and great conversation during the Annual Meeting.

This year 11 people ran for the NCSF Board, all of whom had excellent qualifications. The current Board Members are:

Susan Wright, Chairperson
Keira Harbison, Vice-Chair
Kevin Carlson, Treasurer
Jackie Harris, Secretary
Ruby Bouie Johnson
Judy Guerin
Richard Richbart
Max Rulz
Ben Schenker
Rudy Serra
Russell Stambaugh
Julian Wolf

The Coalition Partners who attended the NCSF Annual Meeting were:

1st Capital Finance
DC Sub Club
MAsT Boise
Modern Tribe Counseling
Satin Sheet Dreams
The Mark
The Red Chair
The Woodshed

NCSF Board Members and staff participated in events throughout the weekend in Atlanta:

LLC, the Leadership Conference – Workshops and an Award!

The “Leadership in Action” Leadership Awards were presented to both NCSF and the Men of ONYX by LLC XXII on March 9th, in recognition of our contribution of our skills, time and effort into sharing with and being supportive of our community. NCSF presented 3 workshops: Liberation is Felt, Seen, and Heard conceptualized by Ruby B. Johnson, and presented by Choc Dionne and Aida Manduley; BDSM, Consent & the Law with Judy Guerin, Richard O. Cunningham and Rudy Serra; and Media Strategy and Tactics with Susan Wright. NCSF also celebrated our 21st Anniversary by bringing a birthday cake to the LLC Hospitality Suite on Saturday.

LLC cake

Keira Harbison, Susan Wright, Kevin Carlson and Ben, LLC Chair

LLC Hospitality Suite with Onyx Pearls

The Women of ONYX Pearls Southeast celebrating NCSF’s 21st Anniversary in the LLC Hospitality Suite with Susan Wright, NCSF Chairperson

 Atlanta Poly – Consent Counts with NCSF!

NCSF met with the polyamory community in Atlanta to share our experiences in a roundtable discussion led by Nickie Fuentes, MS LPC, NCC of Modern Tribe Counseling, along with NCSF Board Members – Keira Harbison and Kevin Carlson.

 Rope Bite at 1763 – Celebrating NCSF’s 21st Anniversary!

NCSF enjoyed “Rope Bite @Nite” a rope-centric event held the second Saturday of each month at 1763 from 8-2pm. The evening started out with a class and demo focused on rope education and then evolved into the Decadence play party. NCSF brought a birthday cake to celebrate our 21st anniversary with Rope Bite members!

 Whippersnappers – Consent & the Law Presentation

Whippersnappers is an Atlanta-based educational and social BDSM group for people in their 20s and 30s. NCSF Board Members Judy Guerin and Rudy Serra along with Dick Cunningham presented a BDSM, Consent and the Law discussion on Friday evening to talk about consent and NCSF’s American Law Institute Project.

The Loft and Trapeze – NCSF Meets & Greets

NCSF Board members Keira Harbison and Rich Richbart along with Kim, representing Coalition Partner Satin Sheet Dreams, attended The Loft on Friday night and Trapeze on Saturday night to do outreach to the Lifestyle community organizers and members.

For those who are interested in volunteering and joining the NCSF team, please contact us.

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Christiane Amanpour Explores 'Sex & Love' in CNN Series


Each installment of the six-part series — which starts March 17 at 10 p.m. — explores sex, intimacy and relationships in a different city. In Berlin, Amanpour visits the city’s sex clubs; at a BDSM workshop, ropes are thrown around her while she’s interviewing the “king” of bondage. But she also meets a young Afghan refugee, pregnant with her third child, who is shocked when Amanpour asks her if she believes she has the right to be happy. In Tokyo, she examines a culture where public displays of affection are exceedingly rare, sexless marriages are common and an astounding 40 percent of adult men are virgins. But she also meets an utterly charming couple who have created a group called the “Adoring Husbands Association.” (One of the rituals has the husband scream “I love you” to his wife — in public, at the top of his lungs.) She meets a transgender star in Shanghai and an all-female motorcycle gang in New Delhi.

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