The Unique Grief of Ending a BDSM Relationship


“I always turn to words to comfort me and I am unsurprised to find that there is virtually nothing written on ending D/s relationships. There is no book I can read to feel my pain reflected on a page, to answer how long this feeling will last, to intellectualize my emotions. I turn to my favorite essay where Judith Butler’s words on grief slice me up every time. She says that grief is not a temporary state of being; we carry it with us in perpetuity. It takes on a new form as I read it now and the metaphors of bondage, ties, and control jump off the page. I read into each line in the absence of anything more relevant, ‘We’re undone by each other. And if we’re not, we’re missing something.'”

19 08 23

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NCSF's Race Bannon Advocacy Award is Presented to Gayle S. Rubin

By Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD

This year, NCSF awarded the Race Bannon Advocacy Award to author and leather activist Gayle S. Rubin. She elected to be awarded from the stage at Up Your Alley Faire on July 28 on Folsom Street. I introduced and Race made the presentation as the music muted and the dancers stopped gyrating for five minutes!

Gayle was awarded for her long history of effective advocacy, including her scene and academic writing, her role in founding Samois, the first Lesbian Leather organization, her service to kink as an historian, including her work on the board of the National Leather Archives and Museum, and work on the Leather Historical District in San Francisco. Thanks Gayle! This is a small recognition for a collassal contribution!

19 08 20

(The video that follows is about 5 minutes and is NSFW in most workplaces)

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Community initiatives and events

Echo Magazine

Hosted by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, September is national Consent Month, which is a time to recognize and embrace the “freedom of expression achieved when informed consent is present,” according to the organization. “We also just released our Consent Signs that are specifically designed for different groups and for people to choose from so they can post on their social media,” says spokeswoman Susan Wright. Visit the Consent Month website for more information and to learn about this vital topic.

19 08 21

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Verizon sells Tumblr for a pittance of what it was once worth

“Tumblr’s fortunes declined with Yahoo’s, which sold for a fraction of its erstwhile value to Verizon in 2017. Under Verizon, Tumblr’s introduction of an NSFW content ban in late 2018 was followed by an exodus of kinky blogs, and a roughly one-third traffic drop by April 2019. Automattic also forbids porn on sites it hosts. But Tumblr may have better prospects with an owner who actually wants it, rather than a conglomerate that got stuck with it.”

19 08 19

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Sex Positive Content Creation with Amp Somers – Ep 100 American Sex Podcast

Amp Somers from Watts The Safe Word discusses sex-positive content creation. We talk: the rewards & difficulties of being a Youtuber, why demonetization and censorship have snowballed, and how the mark of Youtube success has changed over the years. Amp discusses other platforms too– how people are bullying adult creators on Instagram under the guise […]

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