BDSM as a Tonic for Serious Illness

Scientific American

This broadly accepting community facilitates connections that can help a person fight against the often alienating experience of illness. Where many of us assume vanilla sex between heterosexual partners to be a private matter, we recognize that kink, BDSM and queer sex have long been grounded in communities of advocacy, activism and mutual support. That isn’t to say that every person feels connected immediately when they discover their sexuality, but it is to say that the communities are there to be discovered, and they can be lifesavers.

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Shared fantasies: Justin Lehmiller on the science of sexual desire

Bay Area Reporter

Often people wrestle with coming to terms with their sexual fantasies because they sense they’re rare. The less common we believe our fantasies might be the more likely we are to build up some shame and trepidations around them. By laying bare the reality that these wide-ranging sexual fantasies are rather common (in other words, quite normal), hopefully people will embrace those fantasies for what they are, a healthy manifestation of their sexuality.

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